Our Services

We provide high-quality IT enabling services to our clients globally and aspire to be competitive & market responsive to create a value for your business.

Software Development

Web App Development

With a diversified team pool of engineers we ensure the quality and the turnaround of each project along with the right amount of consultancy and planning. Be it a Responsive Web-App or a complex yet unique idea, We are your go-to Resource.

Mobile App Development

Novatore aims to help businesses connect with their customers by crafting Custom App experiences. Our solutions empower the connected lifestyle.

AI Solutions

We build the most humanlike, intelligent & capable virtual assistant for different platforms. Improving Customer Support, Self-Service, e-Commerce and User Experience with AI based Chatbots. We are also using different AI tools (wit.ai / IBM Watson) to develop chatbots & virtual assistants.

Testing and QA

We ensure the quality of each project by using a combination of testing methodologies and tools and make sure that your app is working the way it is intended to.

System Support

24/7 support using online tools with different plans that cater to all kinds of projects and clients for future feature enhancements or to avoid any downtime during or after the development of your project.

UI/UX Design

Being a Full-Stack Design and Development Agency it gives us great pleasure to show-off our design skills. We have some of the best in-house UI/UX team that have the expertise to build-up a visual design that has proven to help organizations generate more leads and eventually more revenue.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning

With our Engineers and Technical Support Representatives, we help you implement and adopt ERP softwares for managing large scale enterprise challenges and go beyond the limits

Customer Relationship Management

Nothing as good as a custom solution. Our talented architects have the expertise to build up a custom CRM solution that fits your business needs.

Resource Augmentation

With our Resource Augmentation service we strive to solve problems and aim to operate globally on a larger scale. That is why we offer our services around the globe 24/7 regardless of the time-zone differences.

Enterprise App Integration

Our EAI services streamline and simplify the business processes across functions and improve information exchange between systems at any level of your enterprise.


We provide Salesforce transformation and services based on your business requirements which leads to efficient and automated processes within your organization.

Amazon Web Services

With hands-on experience with Saas based applications working through different cloud computing platforms, we have developed great skills and expertise with Amazon Web Services and plan to excel even further with it.

MS Dynamics

Our expertise with MS Dynamics provides our clients with efficient Customer Relationship Management processes and help foster long-lasting relationships.

Emerging Fields

Artificial Intelligence


Machine Learning



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